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Water Damage Restoration

Response: 30 minutes Response 24/7 Emergency Service
Free: Inspection & Estimate
Performance: Latest Equipment & Advanced Techniques

Integrity: No Hidden Charges!
Professionalism: Certifications and High Quality Services
 Experience: Over 15 years with excellent record

Restoration General will Fix Your Property Damage that Caused by Water and Flood


  • Water and sewage extraction
  • Flood Damage Services
  • Assessment and consulting on flood and water damage
  • Drying and Dehumidifying
  • Disinfecting and Sanitizing affected areas
  • Removal and Storage of property
  • Removal of Damaged Property
  • Water/Flood Damage Restoration
We Will Take Care of Your Flood Damages and Clean-Up Needs

Our certified technicians will use the most updated equipment's to restore your home or business. Water damage can be destructive and it's important to take immediate action to protect your property from further damage.
Removing the excess water is the initial step in preventing further damage to your property. This helps to minimize rot, rust, mold, and any structural damages to the property. Our trained and experienced professionals will take the burden off your shoulders and assist you with the flood damage.

We Will Use the Latest Equipment and Advanced Techniques to Restore Your Home

In order to fully restore your property, any moisture produced by the excess water must be completely dried. After eradicating the water from your property, we bring in fans and dehumidifiers to further assist in the drying process. This process helps to reduce the damage to your wood floor, ceilings, carpet, and all areas that have been affected by water damage. We will also restore your furniture or any other items that have been exposed to water. Contact Us for the best service and result.

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Restoration General

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We Are Fully NIT Certified S520 Standard
                      # 06-2244