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Crawl Space Cleanup

Response: 30 minutes Response 24/7 Emergency Service
Free: Inspection & Estimate
Performance: Latest Equipment & Advanced Techniques

Integrity: No Hidden Charges!
Professionalism: Certifications and High Quality Services
 Experience: Over 15 years with excellent record

If Left Untreated:

Stagnant water will attract pests and rodents to your home. When the concrete and woodwork in your property’s crawl space is affected by moisture, the wood will rot and the flooring may warp and buckle. Your property’s structure is supported by the concrete and woodwork in the crawl space. When the crawl space is affected by mold, water, or moisture, the entire structure of your property will become weak and fragile.

Restoration General will remove the unhealthful conditions that may be hiding in the crawl space under your house.


  • Crawl Space Clean Up Services
  • Odor Causes Elimination
  • Crawl Space Mold Remediation
  • Sewage/Black Water Clean Up
  • Crawl Space General Inspection
Why Choose Us:

We specialize in crawl space clean-up and will ensure your crawl space is as good as new. The crawl space is often left neglected by most people. However, without proper cleaning and maintenance, it can be exposed to potential hazards that can be harmful to you and your family. The leakage of the pipeline may cause increased moisture or stagnant water in your crawl space which promote the growth of mold. Mold will contaminate the area and effect the air quality in your home.

Crawl space cleanup helps you to prevent damage and odors

When the sewage pipes in your crawl space leak, they create unhealthy and dangerous living conditions. The strong odor from the sewer gas will seep into your home and damage the quality of air. Some plumbing companies require that the excess water and sewage be removed first before they can perform service on the premise. When you have a leak in your crawl space, call Restoration General, the crawl space cleaning experts!

Our Team

Our crawl space maintenance and cleanup technicians will make your crawl space look as good as new and ensure that your property stands firm on a strong foundation. Do not live in unhealthy conditions when we are simply one phone call away!

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Restoration General

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